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Amped Up DJz is owned and operated by me, Dan Malkewitz.  I DJ’d my first wedding reception in 1979 for my friend’s sister.  Since then my company (formerly C.D. Sounds) has grown in many ways. I have learned a lot since that first wedding, as well as continuously upgraded all of my equipment.  I only use the best sound and light equipment available, and travel with a music library that is well over 100,000 songs.

I have done hundreds of weddings since that first one over thirty years ago.  Even though technology has changed, my desire to do a great job is still the same.  I always set up early and play as late into the night as you need.  I still work by myself - I have not expanded because I want to ensure a quality job every time.  Let me help make your wedding reception (or other event) a huge success!

Amped Up DJz specializes in weddings and will personalize
your wedding reception to fit your individual wedding needs.  I make it a point to meet with you personally before your wedding date.  Doing this not only gives us the opportunity to select your music, but it also allows us to go over all of your reception plans.  No detail is neglected, from the order of events to name pronunciation for your bridal party entrance (you’d be surprised how many DJ’s don’t get this right).  Taking the time to do this insures that your wedding will be an event to be remembered.

I will arrive several hours before the reception begins to set up and make sure everything is perfect for your wedding.  Music will be playing as your first guests arrive.  I pride myself in being an excellent master of ceremonies, and I will ensure the event progresses at the pace you desire.

In addition to having over thirty years of wedding experience, Amped Up DJz has also provided music for many other events, including bridal runway shows, proms, dances and corporate events. Every event is treated with care and professionalism.

Because Amped Up DJz has a wide selection of music from all genres, people of all ages can make requests and hear the music they enjoy so everyone can dance and enjoy themselves until last call. 

Amped Up DJz has all the hits, from current Top 40 (Pop/Rap/Hip-Hop) to one of Michigan's largest selections of Classic Rock and Country, as well as other music going back to the 1930's including Polkas, Waltzes, and Big Band.  With over 100,000 songs, you’re ensured that all music tastes can be accommodated.  Meeting with you before the wedding also allows me to get any song you may want in the very rare instance I don't have it.

I only use top of the line equipment, including Klipsch and JBL Pro-Amp Speakers and Sub-Woofers to maximize any acoustical setting.  They are driven by thousands of watts of power from Crown Amps, enough to fill any hall as well as outdoor events.  While I have the ability to crank up the volume when desired, my many years of experience dictates when to play at lower levels, like during dinner, so that people can still talk and enjoy themselves. 

Amped Up DJz has back-up equipment for everything, including an additional complete set-up that can be used for sound for the wedding as well as the reception when needed (when the wedding and reception are at the same venue, such as an outdoor reception). 

Having back up equipment ensures your party won't be cut short.

Aside from premium sound equipment and preparation, there’s even more that truly sets Amped Up DJz apart.

Other services may have quality sound equipment, but how many DJ services offer a premium light experience as well?  In addition to using the the best audio equipment available, Amped Up DJz also has a spectacular laser light show including intelligent lighting, fog, super strobe, various other colored lighting and a bubble machine available upon request. I also have a text light that can spell out the newlyweds' names on the wall.

Amped Up DJz will play as long as needed for the same price.  This service includes dinner music and as late into the night as needed.  No extra fees for anything over four or six hours, unlike the other guys. At Amped Up DJz it's unlimited playing time for one low price.

For pricing information or other questions, please connect with me.